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ABDUL Matsham Ahmad - Director
Mr. Matsham Ahmad is the Director of MyPEC Sdn. Bhd. He is a graduate in Accountancy and Business Law from the University of Stirling, Scotland. .

Throughout his career, Mr. Matsham Ahmad has held various significant positions at banks and finance companies such as Corporate Banking Officer, Financial Controller, General Manager and Executive Director.

A true entrepreneur, Mr. Matsham Ahmad has also been doing business in diverse industries; from retail to construction to property development and most recently, the development of accounting education and hotel management software through MyPEC’s holding company, Computer-Based Learning Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Matsham Ahmad is also the current Managing Director of RIH Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.; a hotel management company that operate 8 (and growing) hotel chains in the country.

The MyPEC training program, which strongly focuses on entrepreneurship development, is a way for Mr. Matsham Ahmad to contribute his deep knowledge of entrepreneurship to interested participants.
MOKHTAR Dato Radin Firdaus Radin Lockman - Chairman-MyPEC Board of Advisors
Dato Radin holds a degree in Engineering and has extensive experience in multi-national companies in a variety of positions and departments. His roles have included Computer Science Supervisor, Regional Project Co-ordinator and Planning & Budget advisor before becoming Executive Director at a SME company in the power sector and starting up his own company. Dato Radin has acquired vast knowledge, skills and experience in areas of operations, technical, project management, business planning and management. His last post was as a Director of EXXON.

In the MyPEC training, Dato Radin’s key role is as Director in the Business Process training stage. He chairs the simulated Board of Directors Meeting and trainees; who are given the roles of Head of Department of a simulated growing concern company, report to him of the business’s quarterly progress. He is also the Chairman of MyPEC's Board of Advisors

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